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Wednesday, March 11, 2020 NGOs AND PUBLIC POLICY
Presented by: Central Asian Productivity Research Center
World Chicago

IMG_20200311_094638134Ron Melka, executive director for Lyons Township (Illinois) and a CAPRC associate professional, (right) is seen , stressing concepts during a training session for representatives from Kazakhstan at World Chicago, Chicago. The Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s Education and Training Committee, conducts an average of ten sessions per year for visitors from Central Asia.

Professor Melka is an adjunct professor  of public policy at Illinois Institute of Technology

9:00am Networking
              Nina Wilson Program Associate, World Chicago
              Professor Harry Lepinske, Chairman
              Central Asian Productivity Research Center
             Alex Nisengolts, attorney-at-law
             Alex is an attorney at- law in Illinois, and a Russian-speaking
             professional with strong legal experience with Kazakhstan
             Ronald Melka, MPA, executive director
             Lyons Township Mental Health Commission
             Ron is directly involved in working with government at
             all levels and setting policies for workable programs with NGOs.
             Jim is president of his own consulting firm, but has been
             Executive director for the Portland Cement Association (PCA)
             President of the Precast/Prestressed Cement Institute (PCI)
             Executive vice president of the American Nuclear Society


Prominent representatives from business and academia gave timely presentations focusing on successful offshore renewable energy projects in which they are involved during the Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s annual Energy Seminar Friday, January 17.RenewableEnergy2020-8
It was hosted by the Consul General of Turkey Ayse Selcan Sanli, at the consulate conference room in Chicago.
This working relationship has produced the annual seminar for more than a decade.Prior to this alliance, the host organization, the International Press Club of Chicago, began its support in 2001.

RenewableEnergy2020-6Professor Harry Lepinske, CAPRC chairman, is seen opening the seminar





RenewableEnergy2020-1Opening the event was Turkish Consul General Ayse Selcan Sanli



Professor Ozgur Arslan-Ayaydin, finance professor, at the University of Illinois-Chicago, known for her research and writings in the field of the financial aspects of energy, is seen
Explaining “Blockchain As A Technology Backbone For An Open Market” .She also is chairman of the CARC’s energy committee.


RenewableEnergy2020-3Romuald Poplawski, president of U. S. Global Energy LLC, discussed “International Project Development”, focusing on solar, wind, and other alternative opportunities.





RenewableEnergy2020-4F. Lee Simmons, CTO/Head of Global Technology Department of Bioenergy Corporation, a Kaltija Company, Chicago, discussed “ Novel Waste Conversion Methods Providing Sustainable Non-Combustible Energy Generation For Urban Environments”.



RenewableEnergy2020-5Jafer Hasnain, president Seaspire Advisors LLLC, focused on “Lessons from the Frontier Markets”.




 Alex Mathew, chief operating officer, Biomass Energy Systems, Inc. was unable to attend. But is available to chat upon request, regarding his proposed topic, Reuse, Recycling and Conversion of Plastic Contaminated Food Waste To Products.”

Professor Harry Lepinske (right), CAPRC chairman, welcoming Ms. Katarzyna Turkey 3Szszot, a CAPRC regional coordinator in Poland, to the CAPRC Annual Energy Seminar held at the conference center of the consulate of the Turkish Republic on January 17.

Katarzyna Szszot, formerly worked with Poland’s Minster of Entrepreneurship and Technology, now is associated with the University of Economics and innovation, in Lublin, Poland. She serves on the CAPRC’s Entrepreneurship and Education and Training Committees


PHOTO-2020-01-19-07-40-12The City of  Rockford’s Mayor Tom McNamara (right) is seen presenting the “Key to the City” to Shahid Naseer, a CAPRC board member and entrepreneurs, for his outstanding achievement in the city. His wife, Dr. Aliza Naseer joined him for this outstanding ceremony.

A retired merchant  sea captain, he  now operates a successful export company in Rockford, and serves as co-chairman for the CAPRC’s maritime committee.

December 2019 CAPRC’s Ernest Hemingway Museum

DSC02199The CAPRC’s Ernest Hemingway Museum  which we established in May 2003, at Nakhchivan University, Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan is becoming more successful on its own.



ChicagoProfessor Lepinske , CAPRC chairman (left)is seen presenting a Certificate of Achievement to Kalender Nurlanovich Mulkabatov, from the office of the president of the Kyrgyz Republic PHOTO-2019-12-07-03-54-04 (2)for completing the training program  focusing on economic development.

Certificates were presented to six representatives of the Kyrgyz government and prominent non-government organizations.
UntitledFriday November 8, 2019 FOREIGN STUDENTS AND U.S. EMPLOYMENT
Representatives from business, non-government organizations, and academia discussed “Foreign Students and U. S. Employment” during a business round table discussion and luncheon in Chicago’s Chinatown. With graduations of thousands of foreign students from U.S. universities, many are seeking employment in the U.S. Several foreign students, members of the CAPRC’s Young Professionals Program, are expected to participate, along with Professor Michael Vasilou, professor of finance, Loyola University, and chairman of the CAPRC’s university student program, YPP.

Seen at the CAPRC’s annual advisory board meeting held on Friday, Nov. 8, 2019, at EvergrUntitledeen Restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown, are (left to right) : Professor Paul Prabhaker, CAPRC co-chair, Professor Harry Lepinske, CAPRC chair, Frank Rowder, public relations committee; Bakhtiar Khan, finance and economic committee co-chair; Michael Krzyston, chairman, members relations committee; Kyle Schulz, economic development committee ; Paul McDermott, who spoke about economic development; Bill Lada, International Trade Center liaison; Jerry Strub, Professor Mike Vasilou, Young Professionals Program chairman; and Kwan Segal, co-chair, education and training committee. The members focused on the productivity of each committee, its value, and plans for the future.

Sponsored by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s education and training committee, starting the discussions was Prof. Dr. Colleen Hickman, president of the Northwest Indiana World Trade Alliance, serving as the moderator; Kyle Schulz, director of economic development, Schaumburg Business Association; Prof Dr. Paul Prabhaker, College of Business, Northern Illinois University, and CAPRC vice chairman; and Ms. Kwan Segal, CEO and founder of International Career Advisory, Inc., a social enterprise.

Nov. 19, 2019 CAPRC POWER Presentation
Professor Harry Lepinske (center) is seen with Walter Knake, President, Western Springs RotaWSrians, and Aminit Mittal, following Lepinske’s CAPRC power presentation at the Western Springs Baptist Village Church, Western Springs, Illinois on Nov. 19, 2019. A discussion followed.



The Quarterly 4 Board Meeting was held at Evergreen Restaurant in the Chinatown of Chicago on Friday November 8th, 2019. CAPRC Chairman, Harry Lepinske, and our advisory board and committee members Paul Prubhaker, Michael Krzyston, Michael Vasilou, Bakhtiar Khan, Kwan Sega, Bill Lada, Paul McDermott, Kyle Schulz, and Frank Rowder participated in the meeting to
update the progress of our sub-committees’ efforts. We are also pleased to announce the appointment of two new members, Jafer Hasnain and Jerry Stub, as Associate Advisory Boards.

Ms. Segal recently completed an intensive visit to universities and academic conferences, to focus on career development for foreign students.
Ms. Kwan is focusing on customized career coaching programs for international students studying in the US and Professor Prabhaker is focusing on assisting foreign students with a view to study in the U.S. He has been especially involved with China, India, and Colombia. Both co-chairs have extensive experience with working with foreign students.
The CAPRC’ s education and training committee dates back to its founding more than 20 years ago, in Turkey and Azerbaijan, thus making it the CAPRC’s oldest and one of the organization’s most active committees.
The committee focuses on specialized education and training via, seminars, discussion, sessions, and formal classes, both in the U.S. and in Central Asian.
In recent months, it has welcomed professionals from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Russia. It now is planning a specially-designed program for eight specialists arriving in the U.S. from Kyrgyz Republic.
In cooperation with the CAPRC’s energy committee, the CAPRC is presenting its annual energy seminar on Friday, January 17, at the conference center of the Consulate of the republic of Turkey.

Thursday, October 10 –  Playing Silk Road Games:
Chinese Business Strategies from Central Asia to Eastern Europe

Dr. Dirk Linowski discussed Chinese business strategies from Central Asia to Eastern Europe during a seminar sponsored by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center, in cooperation with Northern Illinois University’s College of Business-Global Programs. Professor Linowski commented: “There are now Untitlednumerous considerations on a system competition with references to subsidized
Chinese monopolies and area-wide monitoring (keyword “point system”). Interestingly, the so called 16 or 17+1 format, in which China conducts bilateral negotiations with small East and Central European states, is less important in the media. However, it is part of the Chinese economic and socio-political global strategy, as it is as relevant for the EU as it is for the US that China (unlike Russia) is practically sitting around the table with the EU. Referring to a few specific visible principles, China plays open here, as it does in Central Asia, the Caucasian areas, Africa, and even in parts of the Caribbean. Along with the grand scheme of Chinese history, markets are the “handmaidens” of the state. Impacts on possible Western responses and real business applications will be discussed with the audience.”
This free invent was sponsored by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center (CAPRC).


Dr. Dirk Linowski, well known for his experience in international finance and an annual lecturer in China, Mongolia, Latvia, and Germany, will discuss “Risks and Opportunities of Investments in Chinese Mainland Stocks”
during a luncheon session, sponsored by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s finance and economic committee.
His presentation will open with a short review of Deng Xiaoping’s opening policy before discussing the development of the Chinese stock markets in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Referring to some fundamental civilization characteristics of China, it will be shown that the stock markets fulfill different objectives for the Chinese Central government.  As a step toward a discussion, some considerations on the (limited) usefulness of Western corporate governance measures as to the MSCI-world-index policy will finish the presentation.

Friday, September 20, 2019 CAPRC Q 3 BOARD MEETING

Friday, September 20, 2019 CAPRC WELCOMES NEW INDONESIAN
Sept Meeting 2019Indonesia’s new consul for economic affairs in Chicago, Mr. Made P. Sentanajaya will be welcomed by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center during a special welcome luncheon.  Consul Sentanajaya is known for his passion for learning and finding ways to develop mutual beneficial relationships for Indonesia and the host country. During his presentation, he will discuss his views about working with business and community groups and building successful relationships.
He has served in diplomatic positions at the headquarters in Jakarta, and in Slovakia and Finland.

Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
HOST: Chinese Association of Productivity
CAPRC Productivity Committee

College of Business, Northern Illinois University 105 W. Madison St., 7th floor
A discussion session focusing on U.S. financial aspects of business was organized by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s finance and economics committee

Wednesday, June 26 Welcome Luncheon for  Chinese Consul General Zhao Jian
The consul general, who has had  a successful career in very prestigious positions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, spoke and held discussions with CAPRC on China-US Relationship, celebrating 40 years of US-China Commercial Relations.

Chna ConsulConsul General Zhoa Jian (left) is presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for ongoing support of CAPRC by CAPRC Board members Michael Krzyston and Harry Lepinske (center).



Consul General Zhoa Jian also thanked student members of CAPRC Young Professsional Program from China who assisted CAPRC at this year’s Silk Road Conference in Chicago.

 20190626_141457 20190626_1413382



Thursday June 20 2019 PAKISTAN AMBASSADOR KHAN CITING PAKISTAN’S PRIORITIES   Event held at the Pakistan Consulate General
CAPRC advisory board members and associates in attendance:
Harry Lepinske, Joseph Haddad, Romuald Poplawski, and Captain Shahid Naseer
During the event, welcoming Pakistan Ambassador Asad Khan at the Pakistan consulate, he cited several priorities for economic development in Pakistan.
Several related directly to Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s Committees.
Two years ago, during the annual joint CAPRC-Pakistan consulate meeting, the former Consul General Faisal Tirmizi focused on tourism development in Pakistan.
The CAPRC then developed a research report focusing on tourism development in Silk Road countries. CG Tirmizi wrote a report about Pakistan tourism that was included in this report which was sent to travel publications. Joseph Haddad, tourism committee chairman, has been exploring organizing a group to visit Pakistan. He has been invited to meet with Consul General Javed Umrani
Consul General Umani suggested the theme for the joint CAPRC session in September focus on tourism.
Following the formal presentations, there were productive discussions between CAPRC Energy Chairman Romuald Poplawski, Ambassador Khan, Consul General Umrani, and Commercial Consul Amer Sultan Tareen. Consul Tareen was invited to give a presentation during the CAPRC’s proposed annual Energy Seminar scheduled in January 2020. Meanwhile, Rom will be in contact with the consulate personnel.
The ambassador and consul general both were briefed on the CAPRC’s agro committee.  Following communications with the CAPRC ago committee, the CAPRC will follow up.

Friday, June 14 Russian Business Leader TRAINING PROGRAM
CAPRC’s Education and Training Committee in Cooperation with
World Chicago and U.S. Department of State

13:30 Welcome  Aleksandra Efimova, Us-Russian Chamber of Commerce
           Opening Remarks/Introductions
13:45  Introduction to Business
           Professor Harry Lepinske, Chairman
           Central Asian Productivity Research Center
14:45  Understanding Legal Aspects For US Business
           Alex Nisengolts, Co-chair, CAPRC’s legal; committee (Russian)
           CAPRC’s Liaison, Kazakhstan Legal Community
           Demitrus Evans, Co-chair, CAPRC’s legal committee
15:50  Introduction to Marketing
           Prof. Lepinske
16:45 Concluding Discussions
           Michael Alexander Krzyston, CAPRC Marketing Committee

May 16, 2019 10:30am Port of Milwaukee Tour
download (1)Port of Milwaukee, Port Administration Building
2323 S. Lincoln Memorial Drive,  Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53207
The Mission of the Port Milwaukee is to en-hance the overall economic and social environ-ment of the City and region by stimulating trade, business, and employment. Consistent with the Port’s water-related location, the Port shall strive to be a premier provider of transportation and distribution services for its commercial custom-ers and support public recreation, leisure, and other uses the Port deems to be in the public in-terest.





Adam Schlicht  – Port Director, Port of Milwaukee
Peter Hirthe Sr. – Trade Development, Port of Milwaukee
Katy Sinnott   –  VP Intl Business Development
                             Wisconsin Economic Development Corp

Friday May 10, 2019,CAPRC Q2 BOARD MEETING
09:30am  Northern Illinois University Chicago
105 W. Madison St., 7th Fl


SILK ROAD WEEK EVENTS 2019cropped-CAPRC-20-Wide1.png

Northern Illinois University Loop Facility
105 W. Madison St. 7th Floor
230 S. LaSalle St. 
The Incubator Tour of the Center
Illinois Science and Technology Park
8025 Lamon Ave. Skokie

Wednesday, April 3, 2019   2019 SILK ROAD CONFERENCE

Become Involved in Central Asia’s New Awakening
Illinois Institute of Technology’s
Kent College of Law, 565 W. Adams St., Chicago IL


Professor Harry Lepinske, conference chairman, seen with conference volunteers from three different countries



           Professor Harry Lepinske, Chairman 
           Central Asian Productivity Research Center

           Dr. Paul Prabhaker, Ph.D.
           Ms. Laura Ortega-Lamela, Executive Director
           International Business Council
           Illinois Chamber of Commerce
09:30 Central Asia: A Timely Overview
           Ms. Erin Cole, Formerly with the U.S. Department of State, and
           U.S. Agency for International Development, Central Asia nations.
           Hon. Orkhan Zeynalov
           Economic Consul Embassy of Azerbaijan Washington D.C.
10:30 Morning Break
11:00 CHINA
           Hon. Jon. Liu Jun, acting consul general
          China Consulate General, Chicago
11:30 The Role of Kazakhstan in the One Belt Road Initiative
           Hon. Zhanibek Abdrashov, consul general
           Consulate of Kazakhstan, New York
12:00 PAKISTAN – An Emerging Pakistan
           Hon. Javed Ahmed Umrani,
           Consulate General of Pakistan Chicago 
12:30 LUNCH Central Asian gourmet cuisine
           Hon. Umut Acar, Consulate General of Turkey, Chicago
           Winchell Cheung, director-Midwest
           Hong Trade Development Council
           Sponsored by Clinton Iowa Regional Development Corporation
           “Building a Better Tomorrow”
           Moderator – Gary A. Camarano, Economic Development & Enterprise
                                  Zone Administrator  Whiteside County, Illinois
           American – Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce
                                  Elena V.Son, executive director
           China General Chamber of Commerce Chicago
                                 Wenyue Zhang, Executive director
           United States-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce
           U.S.-Kazakhstan Business Association
                                 Sarah Nickel, Executive Director
           Hon. Rosmalawati Chalid, Consul General of Indonesia, Chicago
           Catherine Moylan Mini, Acting Chair
           Economic Development Committee, CAPRC
           Dr. Susanbar Agamaliyeva Nakhchivan State University
           Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, Azerbaijan
           David Headley
           Illinois Soybean Association
          Sponsored by: Become a CAPRC Sponsor


Family photo_Professor Harry Lepinske, of Western Springs, –founding chairman of the Central Asian Productivity Research Center, (center) is seen welcoming leaders of the Azerbaijan delegation at the Drake Hotel, Chicago, for the 1st Illinois-Azerbaijan Agriculture Forum, H. E. Elin Suleymanov, ambassador to the USA; H. E. Inam Karimov. minister of agriculture; Reza Vaziri, chairman, U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce; and Orkhan Zeynalov, economic consul ,Azerbaijan Embassy in Washington, DC.
Lepinske , who began teaching in Turkey and Azerbaijan in 1999,is an honorary professor at two universities in Azerbaijan. He has been invited to lecture at universities in Africa, Europe, and Asia, several universities in China including China’ s University of Aeronautics and Aerospace in Beijing.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Harry Lepinske Recognized for 20 years of outstanding service as Chairman of the Central Asia Productivity Research Center
IMG_0911Michael Krzyston, (left) chairman of the policy committee, Central Asian Productivity Research Center, and Professor Jamaluddin Husain, (right) chairman of the entrepreneurship committee for the CAPRC, are seen presenting a certificate of recognition to Professor Harry Lepinske, CAPRC’s founding chairman, for his 20 years of chairing the organization, during the CAPRC’s 20th anniversary Silk Road Conference held at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Kent College of Law in downtown Chicago.

 April 2019 Northwest Indiana World Trade Alliance

Professor HaIMG_0826rry Lepinske, chairman, Central Asian Productivity Research Center (left) is seen presenting a Certificate of Appreciation” to Dr. Colleen Hickman, CAPRC’s secretary, for her years of volunteer service to the center, during a meeting of the Northwest Indiana World Trade Alliance, in Merrillville, Indiana, where Dr. Hickman is the president. Looking on is Yuri Hoffman, chair for the CAPRC’s maritime committee, and Greg Boyan, a member of the CAPRC’s economic development committee.

February 26, 2019 KHOJALY Memorial
Speakers at the February 26 Khojaly massacre memorial ceremony at PHOTO-2019-02-27-10-33-24Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago were(left to right):Hon. Aykhan Hajizada, first secretary, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Hon. Umut Acar, consul general, Consulate general, Republic of Turkey; Professor Harry Lepinske, chairman, Central Asian Productivity Research Center; Ad Ahmad Obali, managing director, Gunaz TV.

Direct Line webinar was sponsored by the Bureau of Economic & Business Affairs, U.S. Department of State. Donald Lu, U.S. Ambassador to the Kyrgyz Republic, will lead a discussion on Central Asia’s “island of democracy,” including a visafree regime, liberal legislation in support of foreign investment, and a qualified labor force.

February, 2019         Silk Road 2019 Planning
China AmProfessor Harry Lepinske, CAPRC chairman is seen extending an invitation to the China Ambassador Cui Tiankai to the 2019 Silk Road Conference and the CAPRC’s 20th anniversary celebration, scheduled on Wednesday, April 3, at IIT’s Kent College of Law Auditorium, 565 W. Adam St. The invitation was extended during a reception following a Chinese New Year celebration at Chicago’s Symphony Center, following a performance of both the Hubei Chime Bells National Chinese Orchestra and the Peking Opera Company

Friday, January 18 2019 CAPRC Q1 BUSINESS MEETING
9am at the Consulate of the Turkish Republic
455 N. Cityfront Plaza , Suite 2900 Chicago

The Central Asia Productivity Research Center continues to presented its annual “Energy Security Seminar” featuring talented members of the CAPRC energy committee and highly-respected guest presenters.
With some 11 foreign diplomats in attendance and requests for the presentations, the CAPRC 2019 Energy Seminar proved successful both with timely content and a demand for a repeat in 2020, at the Turkish consulate in Chicago, the site of the 2019 event on January 18.
“As the economy in Central Asia continues to grow dramatically, the CAPRC presented its annual Energy Seminar featuring talented members of the CAPRC Energy Committee ,” according to Dr. Ozgur Arslan Ayaydin, the CAPRC energy committee chair.
Committee members include: Professor Mehmet Karan, Business School, Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey, co-chair; Dr. Arslan Ayaydin, co-chair; Dr. Jamaluddin Husain, Purdue University Northwest; Dr. Paul Prabhaker, associate vice president emeritus, Global Programs, College of Business, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois; Professor Anthony Preston, program manager,. Global Programs, College of Business, NIU; and Professor Wim Westerman, University of Groningen, Netherlands.

Energy TurkJoining to discuss the success of the 2019 Energy Conference are (left to right): (Romuald Poplawski, member of the CAPRC’s energy committee and speaker; Dr. Ozgur Arslan Ayaydin, the CAPRC’s energy committee chairman and speaker


Energy OzDr. Ozgur Arslan-Ayaydin, Clinical ProfessorDepartment of Finance,           University of Illinois at Chicago
SUMMARY:  When valuing an energy project, it is important to understand the dynamic of supply and demand fundamentals that drive the prices of energy commodities. In the short term, we can project the continued levels of crude oil production in the U.S. and worldwide. It is expected that the oil price will continue to stay in the current range, which is well reflected in today’s forward curve. Speaking of the medium term, this is the most uncertain projection given the multiple factors at hand, which include the multiple geopolitical conflicts, the uncertain environmental politics, the high cost of drilling new oil wells that may keep the U.S. production from rising, and the possibility of a new recession. Lastly, in the long run, it makes sense to posit the question on existential risks to the oil price, given the increased investment around the world in renewable energy and the growth in the use of electric vehicles.
With respect to the price of natural gas, this market is definitely transforming from a more regional to a more global, where a lot depends on the development of the LNG trade. As the LNG market continues to be highly capital intensive, risky, with long payback, a lot depends on the attractiveness of LNG margins, which have fallen dramatically in the recent years due to the increased competition in the LNG space. Hence, attention needs to be paid to the dynamic of international natural gas trade and to the geopolitical situation in the main natural gas consuming and producing regions. That remains the most important dynamic at present. As for the U.S. production, it seems to be continued at a level that does not allow the price of natural gas to rise significantly, which would push the U.S. to continue to explore export opportunities. The long-term risks to natural gas are similar to those for oil and stem mostly from environmental concerns.

A Chicago international business executive’s Personal experiences
Romuald Poplawski, U.S. Global Energy LLC Chicago
Professor Engenia Govbeva, Clinical Professor Department of Finance
University of Illinois-Chicago


Friday, February 1 Annual Chinese New Year Luncheon
House of Fortune Chinese Café

December 4-8 Hong Kong Trade Mission
UntitledFor those ready to find business opportunities in Asia and tap into China’s growing middle class, or looking for the right business partner who is a known connector to Mainland China and ASEAN region, The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) in Chicago organized a trade mission to Hong Kong from December 4-8, 2018 geared toward Midwest companies who want to make Asia part of their overseas marketing strategy. HKTDC is offering a program of trade shows, conferences and networking events to help companies develop relationships using Hong Kong’s strategic location at the crossroad of Asia and key gateway to China.
CAPRC Board Member Prof. Michael Vasilou of Loyola University Chicago lead this delegation.

December 2018 CAPRC Korean Vets invited to first Documentary about Turkish participation
a0a516b6-ce72-46d6-9f76-2bb557ed2b18Turkey’s Consul General in Chicago Umut Acar (center)is seen greeting (left to right) Joseph Haddad and Harry Lepinske, CAPRC board members, who served during the Korean War, to a screening of the first documentary about Turkish troops fighting in the Korean War with UN troops.  Screening of the documentary, ” Ayla: The Daughter of War” at Chicago’s audience-packed Gene Siskel Film Center, focuses on a Turkish soldier who befriended a Korean war orphan who he named Ayla, and their emotional story which continued unto 2017, when they were reunited in Korea.

December 3-7, 2018 Aerospace and Defense Trade Mission
Turkey: Ankara, Eskisehir, Istanbul
This program provided access to business briefings from sector experts, B2B meetings with Turkish private sector & foundation companies, site visits, governmental meetings, and numerous receptions, networking opportunities providing access to this $11-billion-dollar market.

December 2018 CAPRC Soybean Summit
JohnanssonAndrew Johansson, the CAPRC Baltic region coordinator (right) is seen with David Headley , trade team leader for the Illinois Soybean Association, during a meeting in Peoria, Illinois, to to discuss Illinois soybean exports. The CAPRC will help promote the ISA’s one-day Soybean Summit Scheduled on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019, at the Crowne Plaza, is Springfield, Illinois. They also discussed the CAPRC’s 2019 Silk Road Conference schedule In Chicago, on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Kent College of Law.
The ISA represent 43,000 Illinois soybean farmers. Illinois is the largest US exporter of soybeans John Hackney, the CAPRC’s agriculture chairman, is based in Madison, Wisconsin

IMG-20181130-WA0020Pakistan’s Ambassador to Kyrgyz Republic Faizal  Niaz Tirmizi is seen in the Pakistan Embassy in Bishkek, discussing business and trade with Askar  Salybekov, one of Kyrgyz Republic’s  most  successful businessmen. Ambassador Tirmizi’s previous diplomatic  posting was at the Pakistan consulate general in Chicago.

Friday November 9, 2018 Lithuania and Central Asia Historic Trading Partners
Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture
6500 S. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, IL 60629
OPENING REMARKS20181109_113937
Professor Harry Lepinske, Chairman
Central Asian Productivity Research Center
Stanley Balzekas Jr, Founder
Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture
Professor Harry Lepinske20181109_105559
Alexander Rimas Domanskis, Attorney
Boodell & Domanskis
Saulius Pumputis, Economic Affairs Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania

Andrew Johansson, Treasurer
U.S.-Latvian Chamber of Commerce
CAPRC Regional Coordinator, CAPRC
Stanley Balzekas Jr.


Friday November 9, 2018  CAPRC Q4 Business Meeting
9:00am at Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture
                   6500 S. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, IL 60629

October 23, 2018 2018 U.S.-Uzbekistan Annual Business Forum 
UsbThe 2018 U.S.-Uzbekistan Annual Business Forum in Uzbekistan wa a signature event by the AUCC member-companies.  Participating companies arrived in Tashkent on Sunday, October 21, 2018 and departed from Tashkent in the morning of Thursday, October 25, 2018 (see tentative agenda). The AUCC delegation to Uzbekistan was led by the chamber’s Chairperson Carolyn B. Lamm and President Steven T. Nadherny.  AUCC is a private, non-governmental, 501 (c)(6) trade association that was established in 1993 in Washington, DC. This year, AUCC is celebrating its’ 25th anniversary.  The chamber is the oldest business group in the US and the Republic of Uzbekistan that exclusively represents commercial interests of the US corporations before the governments of our two countries.

November 5, 2018 CAPRC WELCOMES NEW PAKISTAN Consulate General
New PakistanAn official welcome to Chicago for Pakistan’s new Consul General Javed Ahmed Umrani (second right) are (left to right): Professor Harry Lepinske, CAPRC chairman; Captain Shahid Naseer, CAPRC’s maritime committee co-chairman, and Michael Krzyston, co-chairman of the protocol committee.


download (1)The Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s Maritime Committee scheduled an orientation and study tour of the Port of Milwaukee, at 10:30 AM on Friday, October 19. Purpose was to study the usage and economic impact of the port. Presenting the orientation and conducting the tour will be Peter Hirthe, senior trade development representatives, FTZ, followed by Khay Khong, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

 September 21, 2018 Economic Trends in Asia & The Influence of Global Trade
IMG_0178Thomas Hulseman, executive director of the Chicago Regional Growth Corporation., is seen introducing his presentation during the CAPRC’s third quarter meeting held Friday, Sept. 21, at NIU, in Chicago. Focusing on the mission of the CRGC.


IMG_0209Professor Harry Lepinske (left) , CAPRC chairman, is seen presenting a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Xiangpeng Kong, vice president and senior sales manager in the Global Trade and Receivables Department of HSBC, in Chicago, following his presentation about the “Economic Trend in Asia And The Influence of Global Trade” during a seminar, following the CAPRC’s third quarter meeting on Friday morning, September 21, at Northern Illinois University’s loop facility, 105 W. Madison St.

Sponsored by the CAPRC’s Finance Committee, the event was attended by representatives of business, trade, and government.
Chairing the event was Dr Ozgur Arslan-Ayaydin, clinical professor, Department of Finance, University of Illinois-Chicago and chair of the CAPRC’s finance committee.

IMG_0212Professor Harry Lepinske is seen presenting a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Dr. John Kalaras, chairman of the CAPRC’s Quality Management Committee for his many years of service and successful Educational programs, during the CAPRC’s third quarter business session held at NIU. On Sept. 21.. Recently he was the lead presenter for a CAPRC management training program for five Russian visitors, who were part of World Chicago’s U.S. State Department programs.

September 13, 2018 Turkish Cultural Festival 
e69f70c5-9950-4609-8b42-cbfec250423bTurkish Consul General Umut Acar (center) is seen welcoming VIPS and foreign diplomats to the 2018 Chicago Turkish Festival held at Daley Plaza, in downtown Chicago



IMG_8296Turkish Consul General Umut Acar (center) is seen welcoming VIPS and foreign diplomats to the 2018 Chicago Turkish Festival held at Daley Plaza, in downtown Chicago, September 13-15, 2018. Besides booths offering Turkish arts , crafts, an delicious Turkish food items, there were cultural performances, including the famous. Whirling Dervish
(seen above) drum shows, and fashion shows.

IMG_1078CAPRC advisory board members  are seen at  a  Farewell Lunch for Pakistan Consul General in Chicago Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, on Monday,  Aug. 27, 2018, at the Ismaili Jamatkhana, located in Glenview, Illinois.  Consul General Tirmizi was scheduled to depart Chicago on Sept. 5, exactly  five years from the date he arrived in Chicago. He has been a strong supporter of the CAPRC.

 August 22-23, 2018  Invitation to Doing Business in Tashkent Region:
UsbThe Embassy of Uzbekistan to the United States and the Tashkent Region administration invited American companies to attend the International business forum “Doing business in Tashkent Region” on August 22-23, 2018 in Bostanlyk, Uzbekistan’s best tourist destination. Top-level representatives of the Government of Uzbekistan and the Tashkent Region administration will participate in the forum, including Governor of Tashkent Region Mr. Gulomjon Ibragimov and mayors of different towns and districts. The agenda included presentations of investment opportunities in tourism, agriculture, construction, manufacturing, textile, etc. There were B2B meetings as well as visits to local industry and a celebration of the Uzbek cuisine and Uzbek artists.

August 17, 2018 CAPRC conducts Management Training Program for World Chicago Russian – U.S. Department of State Visitors
20180907_150623Dr. John Kalaras, senior professor and global consultant, Quality Institute, (second left) is seen with visitors who came to observe a Central Asian Productivity Center management training program. With him are Marina Chudnovsky, Northwestern University (left), Vibhav Upadhay, founder and president of the Global Partnership Summit; and Paul Thomas McDermott, president and CEO for Civilocity and “Smart Cities”
Professor Kalaras was the lead presenter for a management program held for five Russians entrepreneurs, at the offices of World Chicago, in Chicago.
The program was presented for World Chicago, in cooperation with a U.S. State Department project.

 June 25-30  Midwest Trade Mission to Hong Kong and 2018 Belt Road Summit
BeltWith the expansion of the modern day Silk Road spearheaded by the Chinese Government called the Belt and Road Initiative, U.S. companies have the opportunity to tap into the expansion of new markets spanning over more than 60 countries, using Hong Kong as the trading gateway.  Experts learned about ways to get involved in the projects, the opportunities and challenges, case studies of projects in the works, investment, and the business know-how needed in energy, transportation and logistics, rural and urban development, and more to kick-start these major projects. 



Business briefings focusing on aspects of the regional maritime industry and its economic value will highlighted a half-day seminar and tour of the, Portage, Indiana, a short drive from downtown Chicago, on Friday, June 22, 2018.

Organized by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center, in cooperation with the Northwest Indiana World Trade Alliance, registration will begin at 9:30 AM and presentations begin at 1000. Yuri Hoffman, event chair and co-chair for the CAPRC’s maritime committee, offered the opening remarks; Professor Colleen Hickman, CAPRC secretary and president of the NWIWA, will extended the official welcome.

Ian Hurt, port director,  discussed the “International Port of Indiana And Its Economic Value”’; Captain Shahid Naseer, a master mariner, and president of Shaars International, Rockford, Illinois, spoke about “The Changing Maritime Industry”; followed by Curt Felch, vice president, International Trade Services, will focus on “The Value Of Using Foreign Trade Zones”.





A Professor Harry Lepinske,  served as a guest speaker during the 100th anniversary celebration of the founding of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on May 28, 1918, during an anniversary gala held on May 18, 2018, at the Double  Tree Hotel, in Skokie Illinois, sponsored by the Azerbaijan American Community of Illinois


 Aziza Goyushzade. From Voice of American, interviewing Professor Lepinske, chair for the Central Asian  Productivity  Research Center, established in 1999 in Azerbaijan.


May 14, 7 pm  Zeugma
Oriental Institute, Breasted Hall, Prof.Dr. Kutalmış Görkay
Free admission and followed by reception.



May 11-12, 2018 International Business Forum in Navoi, Uzbekistan
Usb First day of the forum:
I. Visiting remarkable and sightseeing places
in the Navoi province;
II. Visiting different regions of the province,
according to the foreign investor’s/visitor’s interest.
Second day of the forum:
I. Opening ceremony of the international business forum in «Navoi» Free Economic Zone, presentations of investment and tourism potential of the province.
II. Negotiations on tourism and investment projects, discussion practical issues of cooperation in separated sectors.
III. Farewell ceremony (Dinner & concert program)



Changing aspects for international business and trade resulting from China’s “Silk Road Initiative” effecting some 60 countries; and meetings between chambers of commerce representing the Silk Road countries and representatives from regional chambers of commerce took place during the 2018 Silk Road Conference scheduled in Chicago on Friday, April 20, 2018.

Private meetings between representatives from business, government, and academia were scheduled on Monday and Tuesday, April 16 and 17. Seminars and round table discussion were scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday, April 18 and 19 The week-long event concluded with the annual Silk Road Conference scheduled from 8 AM until 5 PM, at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Kent College of Law Auditorium, 565 W. Adams St., Chicago.

Organized by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center, founded in Azerbaijan and Turkey in 1999, the event was co-sponsored by the Global Programs, College of Business, Northern Illinois University and the CME Group, Chicago.

Some two dozen speakers and panelists focused on the rapidly changing region that is described by a former undersecretary of defense as a very important strategic region for the US.

Professor Harry Lepinske, of Western Springs, CAPRC chairman, said, “Most Americans are not aware of the region, let alone its expanding importance. The region is changing rapidly. A cobweb of lines on a map across Central Asia in 1999 today is a cobweb of energy pipelines; Chinese are shipping freight from Southern China to Western Europe by rail in ten days; Europeans are driving to Beijing;, and some 20,000 Americans are working in Azerbaijan.”

Silk-Road-300x256Friday April 20 2018  8am to 5pm

Illinois Institute of Technology Kent College of Law

dsc00254The Networking breakfast in the exhibit center served as an Information center and brought together attendees to discuss business, trade, and investments. dsc00265 dsc00209


IMG_4928 xProfessor Harry Lepinske, CAPRC chairman, offering opening remarks




dsc00218Professor Paul Prabhaker, Associate Vice President Global Programs, College of Business, NIU




 dsc00224Thomas Choi, public engagement manager Office of the Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, is see extending an official welcome ion behalf of the State of Illinois




dsc00231Professor Harold Krent, dean of the Kent College of Law, is seen extending an official welcome to the college campus.




dsc00236Charles Farra, executive director, International Market Director, CME group is seen speaking about “A Timely View of the Global Economy.”




 dsc00244Commenting about “Azerbaijan’s Contribution to Enhancing Regional Connectivity” is Azad Aslanov, political officer, Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Washington, D.C. Focusing on the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” is Hon. Rabia Shafiq, deputy consul general, consulate general of Pakistan, Chicago.



dsc00276One of the most frequent speakers at CAPRC events is Mustafa Ilbeyli, US advisor, Republic of Turkey Prime Minister, Investment Support and Promotion, Agency of Turkey, New York, NY, who discussed the “Investment Climate and Opportunities in Turkey”.



The afternoon sessions continued to focus on China’s s US$41 billon initiative–OBOR , which will affect some 64 countries.


Focusing on the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, was the Hon. Rabia Shafiq, deputy consul general, Consulate of Pakistan, in Chicago.



dsc00282Hon Hong Lei, consul general of China, discussed an overview of “China’s One Belt One Road”.





img_0757Taking a different direction, was Winchell Cheung, director-Midwest, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Chicago, who focused on “Hong Kong: Your Gateway to China Business”.



dsc00288 Professor Chen Shenchang, vice president of the World Academy of Productivity Science and vice president cum secretary general for the Chinese Association of Productivity Science, Beijing, China, is seen discussing “The Belt and Road Is a Collective Effort To Promote New Development in World Productivity”


dsc00292Discussing how chambers of commerce and trade groups can help develop new business are(left to right): Professor Colleen Hickman, president of the Northwest Indiana World Trade Alliance and secretary for the CAPC; Demitrus Evans, attorney and CAPRC associate board member, who served as moderator; and Sarah Frese, executive director for the U.S.-Kazakhstan Business Association. This panel discussion is usually is one of the most popular sessions.


Continuing the chamber discussion was Laura Ortega-Lamella, executive director, International Business Council, Illinois Chamber of Commerce



dsc00306Brightening the afternoon was Hon. Chalid Rosmalawati, consul general, Republic of Indonesia, Chicago. Because of the Belt and Road expanding into Indonesia, this session was added, thus opening the door to more cooperation with Southeast Asia.




If you did not attend he 2018 Silk Road Conference and are interested in contacting any of the speakers or you are interested in future CAPRC events, simply send an e-mail with your business card to:



CME GroupFortress



IMG_7555The Silk Road Conference organized by CAPRC was a great success. Government officials, business people and other dignitaries from all Silk Road countries flew to Chicago, to take part at this “one-of-a-kind” event.
On Wednesday the conference held its business development summit at the Illinois Science & Technology Park, in Skokie, IL. The event was hosted by Timothy Lavengood, director of the incubator at the Park, where he presented opportunities for businesses to start at a low cost and grow to a fully-fledged business.
The day continued with Dr. John N. Kalaras who presented his Alternative Mode To Business Development. The event concluded with a tour to the incubator facilities, so visitors could obtain a first hand impression on how the incubator concept works.  It was interesting to see that the room was filled to capacity; actually we had to bring in more chairs.
Everyone not only enjoyed the presentation, but they called for Dr. Kalaras to visit their place and offer it to their people. Indeed he has a unique and highly effective methodology to teaching-learning.

An orientation and tour of the Illinois Science and Technology Park, 8025 Lamon Ave., Skokie, was scheduled on Wednesday, April 18, 2018.
Organized by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s Quality Management and Entrepreneurship committees, Tim Lavengood, executive director, of the Incubator, will focused on “Business Incubators and Entrepreneurship Development”, followed by Prof. Dr. John Kalaras, CEO and global consultant, Quality Training Institute, Inc., will focus on “An Alternative Business Development Model”


April 12, 4 pm The Turks & Troy, Treasure of Priam
IMG_6934Oriental Institute, Breasted Hall

Prof. Dr. Rüstem Aslan



March 26, 2018 Indonesian Cultural Center in Chicago
harry 2Professor Harry Lepinske,(center-left) chairman, CAPRC is seen welcoming Hon. Irwin Prayitno, governor of West Sumatra, Indonesian, during his visit and presentation at the Indonesian Cultural Center in Chicago, on March 26, 2018.
CAPRC board members were invited to meet him to discuss bilateral business and trade relations. Participating also was Ms.Dimitrus Evans, attorney and CAPRC advisory board associate. foto harry 1

UntitledWest Sumatera is one of the provinces in Indonesia. It lies on the west coast of the island of Sumatera. The province is famous for its traditional food rendang (spicy beef curry dish), which was recorded as the most delicious food in the world by CNN based on their survey in 2017.
The economy of West Sumatera in 2017 grew 5.29 percent and is dominated by sectors of agriculture, forestry and fishery (23.55%), retail trade and motorcycle repair (15.05%), and transportation and warehousing (12.64%). Tourism industry and agricultural products such as nutmeg, pepper, arecanut, pale catechu, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee and chocolate will become the main exports commodities in the future.
To promote business opportunities in tourism, renewable energy and fisheries sectors in West Sumatera, the Indonesian Consulate General in Chicago is proudly  presents His Honorable Irwan Prayitno, the Governor of West Sumatera. West Sumatera traditional cuisine will be provided for lunch.


Friday March 16, 2018 10:30 AM  CENTRAL ASIA’S NEW ENERGY GROWTH






IMG_0403Upon leaving the CAPRC’s energy seminar held on Friday, March 16, 2018, at the Consulate General of Turkey in Chicago, one attendee Reported, “This one of the CAPRC’s best events ever! The quality of the presentations and quality of the
attendees was of the highest quality”.

The seminar, “Central Asia’s Role in World Energy”, focused on energy developments in Central Asia and new business opportunities in the region.  Prof. Harry Lepinske, CAPRC chair, offered the opening remarks. Leading the presentations was Turkey’s Consul General Umut Acar, who offered the official welcome and Turkish greetings.

Dr. Professor Ozgur Arslan-Ayaydin, clinical associate Professor of finance at the University of Illinois-Chicago, spoke about the “Sustainability In The Energy Industry. She, another CAPRC advisory board member, Prof. Dr.
Mehmet Karan, professor at Hacettepe University, in Ankara, and several other European professors, have been researching this topic and writing about it for some years. Their publications are known worldwide. They maintain
timely data and revise their writings.

Caner Can, energy consul for Turkey, at the consulate in Houston, Texas, spoke about “Turkey: A Rapidly Expanding Energy Trading Hub”.

Beginning with the BTC people. He described the expansion of the cob web of energy pipelines throughout the region., with the pipes leading to the Turkish seaport of Ceyhan, where oil and gas can be shipped much easily than with ships passing through the narrow straits from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. Geographically, Turkey is in close proximity to 70% of the world’s proven energy resources.

IMG_0406Romuald Poplawski, president of U.S. Global Energy LLC, a Chicago energy firm, described his personal successes and challenges in the energy field and explained the new opportunities with solar energy and wind power.

Concluding the seminar was F. Lee Simmons jr., president and CEO of BioEnergy Corporation, based just north of Chicago, in the Illinois Science and Technology Park, located in Skokie.

He introduced new revolutionary scientific ideas that he is transferring into business enterprises. He spoke about new ideas and a new company which will be the marketing tool for new concepts and making them realities. Besides stressing new energy concepts, he stressed the financial and business transactions in which the company has been involved. He is making new science practical.

Summaries of the presentations will be available by Contacting :


February 16 11:30 amSilk Road


image004The Hong Kong Trade Development Council guest speaker was the focus of the Central Asian Productivity Research Center’s annual Chinese New Year luncheon. The presentation focused on Hong Kong as a gateway to the China market and the role of Hong Kong in China’s multi-trillion dollar “One Road One Belt” initiative.

Tom Hulseman, executive director of the newly-formed Chicago Regional Growth Corporation and Central Asian Productivity Research Center associate advisory board member, was one of the Key speakers during the U. S. State department, Office of Foreign Missions’ International Business Forum held on Wednesday, February 14, at the Union League Club, in Chicago.
Representing the CAPRC were Professor Harry Lepinske, chairman, and Yuri Hoffman, advisory board member and chair of the CAPRC’s maritime committee.
The event offered an environment for attendees to meet with foreign diplomats and foreign trade representatives.
Hulseman focused on the CRGC’s mission, including how his former organization Metro Chicago Exports , was merged into the CRGC to promote exports and bring together a freight
transportation network.

Friday, JanuaryPak Logo 19 2018
Consulate General of Pakistan Chicago
PRESS RELEASE January 19, 2018  Chicago.

Pakistan, a fast growing economy in Asia, is now member of trillion dollar markets club, said Mr. Faisal Niaz Tirmizi today. Addressing the Pakistan Seminar at Pakistan Consulate. This Seminar was organized by the Pakistan Consulate in collaboration with Central Asian Productivity Research Center (CAPRC). The event was attended by Professor Harry Lepinske, Chairman CAPRC, Mr. Thomas Choi, Public Engagement Manger at the Office of the Governor of Illinois, Ms. Laura Ortega, Executive Director, Illinois Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Margo Markopoulos, Director Office of Trade and Investment Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Mr. Ahmed S. Khan, Professor at DeVry University, Mr. Timothy J. Sanders, Director of Engagement at Purdue University, Mr. Jamaluddin Husain, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Purdue University besides a large number of business and investment experts.

Before the start of Pakistan Seminar, Professor Harry Lepinske and members of CAPAC presented its annual reIMG_0240port in which they highlighted the business and tourism potential of the Silk Route countries. A special report about tourism opportunities and tourist destinations of Pakistan was also presented by the members of CAPRC. Professor Harry Lepinske profusely thanked the Pakistan Consulate for actively working with CAPRC and for hosting today’s event.

Mr. Brent Edward Huffman, Professor at Northwestern University and renowned director, writer, and cinematographer of documentaries and television programs, also participated in the event. He gave a PowerPoint presentation about Chinese investment in Pakistan as he is currently working on a documentary on the subject.

Consul General Tirmizi presented a PowerPoint presentation titled ‘One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) highlighting its importance for economic development of the region. He presented Pakistan’s perspective about the project to the audience and briefed them about China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CEPEC), flagship project of OBOR. He said that CPEC will turn Pakistan into a regional trading hub and a lucrative market for foreign direct investment. He extensively briefed the audience about CPEC affiliated transportation infrastructure and energy projects. He said that this project would not only boost the economies of Pakistan and China, but would have a positive knock-on effect on other regional countries including Iran, Sri Lanka and the Gulf region.

Mr. Tirmizi also touched upon investment friendly policies of the Government of Pakistan and talked about vast potential of investment in the country by international businesses. He quoted the excellent business experience in Pakistan by Ingredion, PepsiCo, Procter and Gamble, two of which are based in Midwest US. He further said that PepsiCo is making more profits in Pakistan than India.

While speaking about GovernmIMG_0257ent of Pakistan’s efforts to facilitate international tourists in Pakistan, Consul General Tirmizi informed the participants that now tourists from 24 countries including the United States can get visa on arrival at Pakistani airports. He said that this development would immensely facilitate the international tourists who intend to explore unique tourist sites and beautiful landscapes of Pakistan. He told the audience that last year 1.7 million foreign tourists visited Pakistan whereas this number is likely to reach at 3 million in 2018. Due to better economic, social and security situation of the country the northern areas of Pakistan received 30 million domestic tourists in 2017.

The briefing session was concluded with a brief Q&A session. While answering a question about current state of bilateral relations between Pakistan and the United States, Mr. Tirmizi said that despite difficulties, our bilateral ties have sustained over the past seventy years. This relationship is diverse and has remained rewarding for both sides. The Consul General apprised the audience about Pakistan’s crucial role in the détente between United States and China.

Friday, January 19 2018   9:15 AM  CAPRC 2018Q1
Meeting at the offices of the Consulate General of Pakistan, 333 N. Michigan Ave., Ste 728.

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November 28, 2005 The 1st New Silk Road Conference 

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