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Volunteers play a key role and the contributions they can make impact the day-to-day activities of the CAPRC and play role in academic and economic (business, trade, and investments) developments to help increase PRODUCIVITY
in regions along the Silk Road.
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In the spring of 2000, while a team of volunteer professors from Purdue University Calumet, in Hammond, Indiana, were teaching at universities in Turkey and Azerbaijan, they introduced programs focusing on entrepreneurship and business opportunities for young university students.

It eventually was given the name, “Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES), with the slogan “Say “YES” to Business”. It also began to train recent graduates to be the “trainers” for a “train the trainers” program. Groups were organized at several universities located along the historic Silk Road. Concurrently, the CAPRC invited American university students to assist the CAPRC by developing professional relationships with their counterparts offshore. It brought an exchange of new ideas and developed new cultural relationships.

As years passed the “trainers” were married; entered professional employment; and gave up their volunteer work.
In the fall of 2016, the CAPRC revised the concept, and changed the name to Young Professionals Programs (YPP). University students in this program are invited to become Involved with the CAPRC’s business and professional programs.

During the first several months of 2017, Professor Michael Vasilou, who teaches finance at Loyola University, in Chicago, has worked with more than a dozen students from almost a dozen different universities.

To continue this effort, the CAPRC has launched a fund-raising campaign to cover the costs of supplies and services. It costs about US$200 annually to assist each student.

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PH: 708-246-5556

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