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A timely seminar, focusing on reporting disclosure of environmental, social, and corporate government data (ESG) and designed for corporate managers and investors, will be presented by the Central Asian Productivity Research Center on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at Northern Illinois University, 1120 Diehl Rd (one mile west of Naperville Rd) Naperville, Illinois. Registration at 0930 AM, seminar from 10 to 1130.
No Registration fee., but registration is required. Simply send your business card to [email protected] This free program is supported by the Global Programs, College of Business, Northern Illinois University

Moderator is Professor Harry Lepinske, CAPRC chairman, and retired Professor of International Business, from Purdue University NW, with teaching experience at Illinois Institute of Technology and Global Programs, College of Business, Northern Illinois University.
Focusing on “The Thematic Content of ESG Reports: A Topic Modeling Approach” will be Professor James Thewissen, professor of corporate finance at the Universite’ Catholique de Louvain, Belgium’, who serves as an expert at the European Commission for Horizon 2020/Europe and the National Bank of Belgium. He also develops policy recommendations for the Financial Innovation Standing Committee at the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) . He is prominent in the field of international finance, econometric modeling learning methods to optimize the reporting of financial information for FinTech companies and leading corporations. He is also prominent with articles in leading financial, accounting, and banking journals. Professor Thewissen is teaching a summer program at the University of Illinois-Chicago

He will focus on the applying a novel topic modeling method to map the content of firm ESG reports and analyze its informational value to investors and related pragmatic information.

Following Dr. Thewissen will be Dr. Ozgur Arslan-Ayaydin, Ph.D, ad award-winning professor of finance at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Her research interests are corporate finance and corporate governance and some of her most outstanding reports can be found in the world’s leading journals. She also is vice-treasurer of the Amsterdam-based Center for Energy and Value Issues (CEVI, and chairman of the CAPRC’s energy committee. She has co-edited three books on energy finance .Dr. Arslan-Ayaydin also acts as external evaluator and rapporteur to research projects submitted to the European Commission, which has awarded the Jean Monnet Scholarship to support Dr. Arslan-Ayaydin’s doctorate studies at he University of York, UK.

She will focus on the “S” of ESG” and the important factor in investor’s, practitioners and policy-makers’ decision-making process. Of the components of ESG, “S” is the important “social aspect’, which has been gaining prominence during the past five years, and especially after the beginning of the Russo-Ukraine War. She also will discuss how a the recent events affect the financial markets and key macroeconomic indicators in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.

Friday, September 9 CAPRC Q3 Business Meeting
Northern Illinois University
Naperville, Illinois Campus.

Friday, October 7 16th Annual Silk Road Conference
Illinois Institute of Technology’s
Kent College of Law Auditorium

CAPRC Q4 Business Meeting
Date: TBA
Northern Illinois University
Naperville, Illinois Campus


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