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In May 2000, the initiative to develop the "Central Asian Productivity Research Center" was proposed by Professor Harry C. Lepinske to academic, government, and business leaders in Turkey and Azerbaijan. The initial goals were to concentrate on the needs for economic development in Eurasia and the Caucasus Regions.


Working quickly, in cooperation with a small group of volunteers, the concept spread throughout the region. In January 2001, the concept of this strategic alliance was solidified, and the program moved forward. The initial focus for CAPRC was to operate as a strategic alliance assisting with economic development programs within the region.  Today as a mature respected international project, it continues to expand its primary focus.


This site will provide an opportunity for communications between the various elements of this strategic alliance. Please use the following links to explore the many resources available from this site. In order to improve productivity, duplication of information will be kept to a minimum, links to existing information  will be provided. To begin the exploration, visit one of the links listed on the left hand side of this page. 


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